Have you heard of the term MINT? If you’re like me and didn’t have any idea about this term, never fear. I have done some research and MINT is a term which refers to Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology. We are living in a world in which women make up 46% of the civilian workforce, but just 26% of the MINT workforce. 

#MINTme is an initiative developed by Human Resources consultants to provide female specialists and executives with the ability to search what their value is on the job market.

This virtual trade fair allows HR consultants to showcase career opportunities for female STEM specialists. This innovative platform is supported by well-known institutions from both business and politics.

The demand is women with a technical background, given the low MINT female occupants of only 14%. In offering first-class income and career opportunities, it aims to inspire women’s interest in science and technology education.

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