Every opportunity presents value!

This includes interviews that you do not succeed in. In the interviews you are not successful in you still get to practice and gain wisdom and understanding into what an interview expects and how you can improve.

Having doubt is part of the developing process, you need doubt to thrive in a position or new area outside your immediate expertise. If you want the role enough this doubt will make you focus and learn more on what you can do to be able to bring something to the table and excel.

Make sure to demonstrate your strengths and experience in how you approach a new role, do not be generic and boring, do not be afraid to stand out from the shadows. Let the light shine on you, be proud of who you are, this will present individual qualities the interviewers are looking for that you may not be aware of!!!

Be prepared to learn quickly, change direction, learn something new. Demonstrate that you can adjust, readjust. Show you are flexible, can move up and move forward with the company.

Rejection can often be Redirection

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Rejection is inevitable, that is normal and perfectly part of your journey. Sometimes you are not right for the job, sometimes the position gets filled internally, sometimes a company has a certain person in mind. Whatever happens it may be a blessing in disguise and simply just not the job for you. We do not always get what we want but often get to do something even better than we thought we wanted. Continue to learn, self-improve and better yourself so you can shoot for the net and score.



There are a lot of stories that when you are in business you’ve got to hustle and have a big extroverted personality but that’s not me, I am introverted


Emily De La Pena

Civil Engineer & Entrepreneur, Founder Coding Kids


Be Kind to Yourself!
You don’t have to figure it all out right away or right now, whatever you do just make sure you are taking steps in the direction of where you want to end up. Log onto networks, peer groups, closed groups and support groups. Learn from those with experience. Keep asking questions, keep trying, you will get there….just take one step at a time and your inevitable destination will come closer to you.

Stay on Top of Industry Trends!

  1. Update your news feed If you don’t have time to click through and read an article that sounds interesting, use a “save for later” app like Pocketso you can revisit it when you have more time.
  2. Leverage your connections Your network connections (if they are good) should have their eyes and ears to the ground, too. Start an email thread where you can share interesting findings or articles. A Slackchannel for sharing this sort of information is also helpful.
  3. Use SEO Try using a relatively inexpensive SEO tool like Mozto enter keywords in your industry to identify emerging patterns in people’s searching behaviour. One strategy is to go after terms that are niche.
  4. Subscribe to trade journals This may sound antiquated, but trade journals are still one of the best ways to stay in the know about specific issues in your industry. Do some research to figure out which ones you should subscribe to and get on their lists.
  5. Subscribe to magazines Often, you will find something that is either relevant to your line of work or that might spark an idea or insight.
  6. Remember to Network Conferences, local networking events, trainings, and Facebook groups are dedicated to getting you in front of colleagues and experts.
  7. Engage with your Customers Getting feedback in the form of surveys or simply replying to customers’ posts on your social channels are good ways to see from your audience’s perspective. Do not ever underestimate the power of customer insight.
  8. Keep an eye on your competitors Think you spotted a trend but aren’t sure if it is anything that will catch on? By observing what your competitors are doing, you can capitalize on emerging news, trends, and opportunities. Sure, staying ahead of the competition is key, but knowing what they are up to is one part of coming out on top.
  9. Linked In Company profiles are a good way to findmore information on companies in which you have an interest. You will be able to see if you have any connections at the company, new hires, promotions, jobs posted, related companies, and company statistics, updates, articles, what they are up to, what is new and emerging.

Check out EMERGE Module 9 Collaboration for Success for more information!

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