The EMERGE suite of Open Educational Resources (OERs) were designed with a female engineering entrepreneurial focus in mind.

They were developed to have an inherent regional adaptation capacity and facilitate innovative teaching to female engineers. The EMERGE OERs are a first of its kind ‘Female Start Up in Engineering’ Skills Curriculum consisting of 9 tailored Modules.

Developed as a result of the EMERGE Partnerships (staged in Poland, Turkey and Ireland) they respond to the local skills gaps and sectoral needs in each of the respective partner countries. The EMERGE Partnerships provided a dynamic forum where OERs could be benchmarked against VET providers, HEI providers and existing best practice business models. As a result, these partnerships shedded light on specialist entrepreneurship skills for women specific to engineering. Concrete innovative high-quality content is delivered through a multitude of ways, examples and learning topics with relevant tips, goals, examples of pedagogic strategies, teaching materials and case studies.