Behind every success, there is talent, hard work, structure, discipline, values and persistence.


In today’s complex world, you need to think big and make a real commitment to innovation. You need to believe in your special personal mission!


Why should anyone invest in your company, if you plan to build a business solely dependent on public funding?


Today still only two of the top 20 venture capitalists are female. The percentage of female entrepreneurs in the tech sector is correspondingly low, but dynamic: in 2016 the percentage of female entrepreneurs who are highly educated has increased by 9% and the percentage of female-led business gazelles has increased by 7%.


We interviewed Silvija Seres, Norwegian, Hungarian and former Jugoslavian citizen, who has previously worked as the Director of Business Management at Microsoft, and as Vice President of Product Marketing at Fast Search & Transfer ASA.


She is both an academic techie with a past in corporate leadership, a present in entrepreneurial investment, and a future in large-scale digital transformation processes in public and private sector.


She currently works an independent advisor, investor and now serves as a Board Director of Nordea Bank AB, Syncron International AB, Academedia AB, and Enoro Holding AS. She also serves as a Member of the Corporate Assembly and Election Committee at Telenor ASA.


Silvija works now as a managing director in her private investment company TechnoRocks, focusing on active ownership in technology, media and telecommunications companies. Silvija holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from Oxford University, MSc in Information Technology from University of Oslo and an M.B.A. from INSEAD. Silvija is married, and has four children.


Silvija proudly shares with us that all the money she has earned, have gone to her own company Technorocks and it will turn out in the longr run, in ten years from now, where this investment lands.


Silvija, is, however, convinced, that more women should invest in tech start-up led by women, to learn from these experiences and also to influence the future of women´s STEM entrepreneurship.


Silvija Seres, matematiker, tech-hode og investor, mener kvinner bør stikke seg litt mer frem.


Silvija´s best personal advice to women are:


Be more visible, do dare to stick out!

Don´t be a generalist, find your niche and have a strong profile!

Have great visions, plan a business, where you can become a global leader!

Build and utilize your personal network!

Find yourself a mentor, we all need to share our issues to be solved and get the best advice!