It’s immensely positive and inspiring to see women leading the way into the new horizon of artificial intelligence and how this will impact our daily lives in years to come.

But who are these women? 

“When Marina Sarda Gou started out her career in linguistics, she never had engineering in mind.

But that all changed when she started learning about cognitive syntax during her undergraduate study in Barcelona.

Learning about how humans organise language in the brain fascinated her, and she realised that she could apply that knowledge to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. “So much of AI is inspired by nature,” she says.”


Libby Kinsey

“Libby is an artificial intelligence (AI) expert at Digital Catapult, an organisation that seeks to accelerate the adoption of AI by industry and grow the UK’s machine learning ecosystem. She refers to herself as a “technology business generalist”, combining a background in engineering, technical interest and a passion for business after working in venture capital.”


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