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EMERGE emerges

The Federacja Stowarzyszeń Naukowo-Technicznych, NOT (Association of Science and Technology Oriented Organisations, NOT) welcomed all the EMERGE projects partners to Szczecin, Poland for the initial two-day meeting of the project. It was a highly productive meeting around a topic of very significant importance, not just in Poland but across Europe. Katarzyna Łobacz - Director for

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Get On A Rocketship Whenever You Get The Chance

Get On A Rocketship Whenever You Get The Chance - Sheryl Sanberg Sheryl Sandberg (MBA 1995) at HBS Class Day 2012: It's an honor to be here today to address HBS's distinguished faculty, proud parents, patient guests, and most important the class of 2012. Today was supposed to be a day of unbridled celebration, and

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